Building Your Future

Running an endowment is complex and all-encompassing. It involves strict governance, dynamic decisions, and multiple decision makers. We analyze, simplify, and oversee all facets of your foundation so you can focus on your business and family, and not just on finances. 

A Strong Partnership

We provide the expertise and the skill to manage the everyday and long-term demands of an active foundation. We guide you on governance and fiduciary responsibilities as well as set standards, best practices, and investment policy. 

Establishing Policies and Principles 

We work with you directing and executing your investment policy. Your investment policy statement addresses both the endowment’s investment guidelines and governance principles. It also encompasses specific goals and risk parameters as well as clearly articulates your organization’s principles of autonomy and authority. We work with you to build consensus among your investment committee. 

Flexible Asset Allocation 

When establishing an asset allocation for your endowment, we review both strategic and tactical factors. Generally we recommend fairly broad, long-term allocation bands, yet allow your committee periodic tactical allocations that may fall on either end of the allocation range.

Rigorous Portfolio Construction

Once the endowment’s asset allocation guidelines are defined, we work closely with you to recommend specific managers to your committee. We seek managers that have demonstrated an ability to produce strong risk-adjusted returns over several market cycles. Our investment professionals have extensive experience evaluating alternative investments, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and various inflation- protection strategies.

Disciplined Benchmarking

Benchmarking results is critical to the livelihood of an organization. We develop a disciplined process for measuring the performance of your organization against both defined relative and absolute performance targets. In addition, we measure returns against three important components: annual payout rate, inflation, and the “excess return” above and beyond the sum of payout plus inflation (the base return) that will allow the endowment to grow on a real basis.

Ongoing Support & Service

We maintain an open dialogue and offer support services so that our organization and yours remain current and on course. We provide your investment committee with regular portfolio performance measurement reports as well as your office of finance with audit support and portfolio accounting services.