Investing in Generations

We develop a long-term plan that captures opportunity and anticipates challenges, so you can maintain your lifestyle and your legacy.

Your Family Advocate

As a family office, we understand the complexity of multiple generations – that there are differing opinions, perspectives, wants, and needs. We know how to navigate emotions and expectations, as well as the global economy, to develop a holistic plan that aligns with your family’s objectives and goals. 

360° Planning

The cornerstone of a solid plan is a solid understanding of your family. To build this foundation, we need a clear picture of your assets as well as your aspirations. We meet with each family member to discuss goals, needs, and preferences. We embrace diverse perspectives and accommodate for them in your plan.  

Objective Fiduciary

As an independent wealth manager, we have the flexibility to create plans and portfolios that support your big picture. The broader focus involves addressing three critical functions/priorities, namely offering solutions and guidance to: 1) wealth enhancement through sophisticated and customized portfolio construction; 2) wealth protection through effective trust creation and other preservation-specific legal structures; and 3) wealth transfer through intelligent and far-sighted estate and insurance planning. We focus exclusively on your best interests. Both our thinking and our fees are transparent. 

Research-Driven, Balanced Investing

We construct an unbiased, customized portfolio for you. This multi-manager, multi-asset class portfolio reflects your specific situation, objectives, and risk tolerance. We offer access to a robust roster of hand-picked investment managers from around the world as well as an additional layer of objectivity and accountability.

Collaborative Approach

Your portfolio is just a single component of your overall financial world. We work with your tax, estate, and legal advisors to help ensure your wealth management strategy aligns with your overall finances and life plans. 

Integrated, Personalized Services

We know your family encounters many unique situations, so we integrate services that go well beyond your taxes and investments. Whether it’s helping you secure insurance across generations and properties, build a business succession plan, orchestrate family meetings – or even interview home sitters for your time away – we focus on anticipating and addressing your life needs to help you stay on course.

Open Dialogue

Communication is key to making informed decisions. We meet with you face-to-face, on the phone, over lunch, or through your tablet. By keeping in constant contact, we can foresee and respond to changes in your life as well as to the global marketplace.