Investing for You

We build customized global portfolios of top-notch managers focused on your best interests.

Disciplined Process

Your portfolio is constructed based on a detailed investment policy statement. This statement includes your investment objectives, risk criteria, manager selection procedures, measurement standards, monitoring procedures, and asset allocation guidelines. It serves as the roadmap in selecting and monitoring your investments to help ensure your objectives are being met. Despite our expertise in active, alternative investments and portfolio managers, we recognize as well the role of passive investment options (index funds, ETF's etc.) in allocation models and are by no means dedicated to alternatives-only portfolios. Each investor, like each allocation plan, requires individualized attention and constrution. Toward this end, we further recognize that not all investments (and investors) are focused on opportunities exclusive to the public markets/exchanges. For this reason, we offer expertise in other asset classes, including real estate, direct lending and other niche, private equity options.

Risk-Sensitive Portfolio Construction

Our investment philosophy concentrates on preserving capital and minimizing undue risk. We use methods based on a risk reward analysis to contruct your portfolio. Recommendations reflect your risk – reward objectives. We strive to optimize the number of managers and strategies to meet the needs of your portfolio, based on your investment policy statement. 

Global Diversification

When building your portfolio, we seek diversification within each asset class – across sectors, industries, and countries. Diversification allows us to reduce risk while capturing gains over time.

Tax-Minded Approach

We view taxes as risk, so we look to minimize their impact to help preserve wealth. 

Rigorous Due Diligence & Oversight 

We use a stringent process, methodology, and the latest technology to screen, select, and monitor experienced managers that can deliver risk-adjusted returns. We employ both quantitative and qualitative measures to conduct continuous due diligence on all managers.

Focus on Results

We evaluate investment performance on absolute risk-adjusted returns and protection of capital. We meet regularly with you to gain insight into your goals and to discuss market dynamics so your plan stays relevant and on track. We use a systematic approach to rebalancing your investments to help ensure your portfolio objectives continue to be addressed. And we provide consolidated reports at standard intervals so you can make informed decisions.